Perrywinkle’s Gold Exchange is owned by Bixler’s LLC  [Perrywinkle’s or Perrywinkle’s Gold Exchange].

By using the services offered on you understand and accept the terms & conditions herein. Perrywinkle’s reserves the right to change terms & conditions without prior notice.

Perrywinkle’s purchases your gold, platinum, silver, palladium, or other precious metal for refining purposes only. We pay the value of the metal based on weight and karat content. The precious metal value is based on the lowest quotation of the London Fix, if available, for each respective precious metal within three business days of Perrywinkle’s receiving your shipment. The price Perrywinkle’s offers does not reflect the potential value of your item if sold as a complete piece of jewelry and no sentimental value is considered.

Additionally you may receive an offer on the gemstone(s) in your jewelry but there is no such guarantee. If you wish to keep your gemstone(s), we urge you to have them removed prior shipping your piece to us. If Perrywinkle’s does not submit an offer for your gemstone(s) they will not be returned to you should you accept an offer to buy your precious metal. If you request that your gemstone(s) be returned then you will be charged for removal plus return shipping.

If you accept Perrywinkle’s offer for your precious metal Perrywinkle’s will make best effort to pay you within the next business day with no shipping charges added; if you reject Perrywinkle’s offer Perrywinkle’s will make best efforts to ship your item back by the next business day following your payment for shipping both ways. Due Covid-19 we could experience delays.

Perrywinkle’s complies with all government regulation related to purchasing precious metals.

For any questions, contact us via e-mail or at 802.865.2624.